○ Give your knife a wash with water and soap before first use.

○ Always wash your knife by hand, with a sponge or cloth and warm water and soap. 

○ Never put them in the dishwasher, as the high temperature and chemicals will cause damage to your knife and its edge. 

○ Its important to always dry off your knives immediately after washing, as leaving them wet for too long can cause staining and eventually rusting


○ Avoid cutting hard food like bones or frozen foods. Our knives are made from a very hard steel, but hard foods like this can still damage the edge. 

○ Always cut on a wooden or plastic board, never a ceramic plate or glass.

○ A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one, as you will have to apply more pressure. So always keep your knife sharp. 

○ Do take care when using them, and keep them out of reach from children. As for many people our knives will be much sharper than what you're used to.

Sharpening / Maintenance

○ Our knives have excellent edge retention, but eventually there will come a time to sharpen it.

○ For the best result use a honing rod to straighten out any dents first, and sharpen it on a whetstone to get the edge nice and sharp again.

○ A dual sided whetstone like a 1000/3000 is ideal for this.

○ The wooden handle can get a little dull over time. Rubbing a little bit of wood oil on it with a cloth will make it look as new. Danish oil or food grade mineral oil are great choices for this.


○ When storing your knife make sure doesn't get knocked around against other cutlery in a drawer.

○ We recommend storing it in a sturdy sheath, like the wooden sheath we offer. Or on a magnetic knife rack.