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Hand-forged Japanese steel knives

"Look good and are very sharp, did the paper test as soon as they arrived, which they slid through like a dream" ★★★★★ - Mark J. Verified Buyer"Sharp, well made and well balanced." ★★★★★ - Ben S. Verified Buyer"A excellent and wonderfully effective tool for my kitchen. Presented beautifully. Thank you, it’s perfect." ★★★★★ - David S. Verified Buyer"Very impressed with the knives, nice to handle and well made." - ★★★★★ Neil G. Verified Buyer"Just used it for the first time and it’s really good, beautifully designed and super sharp." ★★★★★ - Maxwell B. Verified Buyer


The perfect all-round chef's knife, able to handle a wide variety of tasks. Shop Gyuto


The flat blade of the Nakiri makes it perfect for chopping, smashing and lifting up food. Perfect for vegetables. Shop Nakiri


The petty knife is the perfect knife if you need precision and control in your cuts. Designed to be small and nimble. Shop Petty


The Higonokami is a versatile and reliable Pocket Knife for everyday use, outdoor activities, and crafts. Shop Higonokami

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Save up to £50 when buying a knife set!
Save £50 on a knife set

Three Knife Set

Our three knife set will be the last one you'll ever need to buy. Includes the Gyuto, Nakiri and Petty knives. Shop Three Knife Set
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The Ultimate Starter Kit

Everything you need to get going, and keep your knife in tip-top shape. Shop Starter Kits


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Hand-forged Japanese steel

• Our knives are hand-forged from AUS-10 Steel, a premium high carbon steel from Tokai, Japan.

• This steel is known for its hardness, durability, and keeps a razor-sharp edge. It's got a hardness rating of HRC 58/60.

• The knives feature a San-Mai style blade, combining a stainless outer layer with a high-carbon steel core for durability, sharpness, and easy maintenance.

Hammered Kurouchi Finish

• Our knives all have a distinctive "Kurouchi" or blacksmith's finish. This dark and textured finish is a natural result of the forging process.

• The dimples in the blade are a result of the knife being hammered into shape by the blacksmiths.

• This finish is not only a reminder of the craftsmanship, it also prevents rust and food sticking to the blade.

Traditional Japanese Design

• Our knives are made according to traditional Japanese designs that have passed the test of time.

• The Ebony and Sandalwood "Wa" handle provides a comfortable and secure grip.

• The blade and handle are perfectly balanced, which makes the knife easy to handle, even for longer periods of time.

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Keep your knives in tip-top shape, with our whetstone and wooden saya

Dual-Sided Whetstone

This Japanese style dual-sided Whetstone is the perfect tool to sharpen and maintain your knives. Shop Dual-Sided Whetstone

Wooden Saya

These wooden knife sheaths, or Saya, offer the ultimate protection for your knives. Shop Saya